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Trimble Catalyst Correction Signal

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These correction signals allow the Trimble Catalyst to be working at the required accuracy for your specific operation. Available on a monthly basis, simply activate the receiver and access sub-metre to 1-2cm accuracy throughout the country at an unlimited rate for the contract period. This handheld receiver when partnered with a quality signal can help log the locations of above and below ground obstacles, in field crop events or even customised areas, adding another dimension to your digital maps.

  • 100cm – 1cm accuracy available
  • Monthly activations with unlimited use within this period
  • No additional hardware required
  • Easy to order and activate
  • Full administration service with reminder ahead of renewal(s)
Compatible With

Trimble Catalyst DA1 Receiver

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Additional Details

Why choose Catalyst Corrections Signals?

The Trimble catalyst is a handheld receiver capable of receiving a standard signal with no subscription, but this has limitations in regard to accuracy and repeatability. Enabling Catalyst Correction Signals to the device can dramatically increase the performance of the Catalyst and help you add value to those areas or obstacles being recorded. Now frequently used for crop scouting, agronomists and crop walkers can identify a plant event to 1cm and record any associated activity to this location, increasing value of maps and reducing the time to locate the plant in the future. Being able to customise the accuracy and contract length allows you to use the device as it suits with minimal risk to wasted investment. Whether you are mapping field drains, plant events, power lines or underground sensors, the Trimble Catalyst can help you get more from your maps and teams.


  • 100cm – 1cm accuracy available
  • Monthly activations available individually or in bulk to suit you
  • No additional hardware required, simply activate and go to work
  • Full administration service with reminder ahead of renewal(s), reduce the risk of being without accuracy
  • Compatible with the Trimble Catalyst delivering accuracy to associated devices/ apps

Recommended Applications

  • 100cm (Free Correction Signal)
    • Broad acre area logging
    • Trees/ hedges
  • 30cm
    • Power lines/ pylons
    • Field ditches or drains
    • Fence lines
  • <10cm
    • Watercourses
    • Below ground obstacles/ services
    • Field obstacles
    • Area boundaries/ trial plots
  • 1cm
    • Individual plants
    • In field crop trials/ variety zones
    • Below ground sensors/ cables

Compatible Receivers

Trimble Catalyst


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Additional information

Additional information

Required Accuracy

30cm, 10cm, 1-2cm

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