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Being the advisor of all things to all people is a challenge at the best of times, but in our current climate customers are becoming more reliant on services and wanting the information quicker in a variety of formats. Vantage ASC have a range of tools which cannot only help in capturing the information, but also analyse it and deliver decisions back into the crop.

Gain greater accuracy using Trimble Catalyst to geo reference your locations when scouting. Compatible with your phone or tablet this device can deliver a 1cm reference position with its correction signals, making it possible to record events on a plant-by-plant basis rather than by square metre. Using Trimble software it is also possible to record notes, location and images to these reference points before sharing wirelessly with employees or customers.

In a field there could be a number of crop varieties or variables, each requiring a different level of attention or management. Having the ability to accurately draw zones in a field around a disease or measuring compaction can help with the physical management of that zone. Using Trimble Catalyst it is possible to map a zone, mark it as an exclusion area and physically restrict a sprayer from applying chemical to it as it passes over the rest of the field.

Not only are input prices rising, so is the need to apply the right amount of nutrient in the right place to avoid environmental issues such as leaching. Using Trimble Greenseeker technology makes it possible to manually measure NDVI in a plant, using the readings to accurately create prescriptions in Farmer Pro for required Nitrogen to the crop. For continual measurement take advantage of our satellite imagery service which updates daily, allowing you to remotely monitor areas and progress before or after applications.

Measuring external pressures on a crop can be key to understanding its behaviour and reaction to inputs or treatments. Employing a weather station can automate the recording of conditions and historically database them for analysis. Using Spec Connect it is also possible to remotely login and see real time weather information across your network of stations in the field on your phone, pc or tablet. For those looking to record on the move, Trimble ISOBUS weather stations can be mounted to a vehicle and record weather in real time associated with an application or as reference. Paperless record keeping is within your grasp using weather stations from Vantage ASC.

Whether you are a standalone business, or one who caters for multiple customers across multiple sites, being able to see and share information with the right people at the right team is crucial. Using Trimble software it is possible to create your own infrastructure of Connected Farm(s), bringing hardware and software together in a single portal. Using Advisor Prime it is possible for you to see all of your accounts, their farm and field information complete with associated data. From here, you are able to monitor their progress, but also physically make decisions and send them prescriptions for vehicles or automatically record scouting activity to their account. Bringing everything together is easy with Vantage ASC.