Staff Testimonial - AS Communications (UK) Ltd.

Testimonials from our Staffs

I enjoy working with Vantage ASC because we are dealing with the latest technology, which is continually evolving and changing to adapt to customer needs.
I’ve always been involved with agriculture since leaving school at 16. From workshop apprentice to parts supervisor then on to machinery sales where I found my interest in precision farming equipment.

Having worked in the military and telecommunications where attention to detail is crucial, working with customers to meet their exact requirements was very appealing and attracted me to work for Vantage ASC. Being part of a professional team, which is making a big difference to modern farming methods is exciting and full of variety. My role is extremely rewarding when customers compliment you on their experience and results because of your help.

I grew up on a family farm in North Bedfordshire and joined AS Communications after leaving school, now been with the company that is Vantage ASC for over 10 years. We have a great bunch of people at the company, most of them from farming backgrounds or the industry and working together as a team to offer the best customer service possible. The job is seasonal and can become stressful during drilling & harvesting periods, but it is continually interesting to see how precision farming has gone from a technology people were sceptical about to an increasing common practice within their operations.