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Seed Counting Sensors

Real time seed counting and blockage monitoring. Visual and audible monitoring of activity at the coulters, everything from rape seed to beans and all in between.

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The only Trimble Vantage dealer on the UK Mainland

30 Years providing technology solutions for land based businesses

Modular solutions from Trimble

A complete family of displays and receivers which can be installed to any vehicle or implement, delivering a common platform across your business. Complimenting hardware with a wide range of feature licenses you are able to build your solution over time getting long-term benefits from your investment.

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Could our products and features make your business more efficient?

Part of the Trimble family, Vantage England & Wales are specialist suppliers of precision equipment and technology for the land based sector. We supply state of the art equipment that can help boost production, operational efficiency and profit. From GPS guidance, to steering and product control systems, our product portfolio and list of leading technology brands is continually expanding to help meet our customer’s needs.

Retrofit seed blockage and counting sensors

Have you been victim of the blocked coulter, passers by commenting on the strategically placed bird runways in your crop? The blockage and counting system from us will put an end to this and improve your efficiency at the same time, no more stopping to check air flow at the coulters. Simple to configure and install, you can combine a series of blockage and/ or counting sensors for real time monitoring from the cab, available with a display or as ISObus for an existing terminal. Get yours ready for the next campaign.

Trusted to provide solutions making businesses more efficient

We want to help land owners, business managers and operators in England & Wales on their journey to reducing production costs while increasing yields, playing surface quality and improving soil health. The brands we’ve partnered with provide technology-based solutions that solve some of the most complex challenges and we are proud to supply sustainable solutions that maximise output and profit for your farm or land based business.

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Mission statement

Our mission is to provide market-leading technology-based farming solutions to enhance efficiency and profitability for farmers across the UK. We are truly passionate about agriculture and care about the hard-working farming community in England and Wales. As a trusted supplier with over 30 years’ experience, we like to combine the best brands and products with an unrivalled level of customer service and support.

Sectors we work with

We supply equipment to a range of sectors and professionals who work across the land-base supply chain, including farmers, fleet managers, ground keepers, agronomists, machinery dealers, retailers, co-operatives, equipment manufacturers and amenities.

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Brands we supply

We are authorised distributors of the following technology brands

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Smart Agricultural Solutions

Steamline, simplify and keep track of all your assets and operations with our smart data management solutions. Accessible from any internet device, you can easily manage your data anytime and anywhere whilst having peace of mind that your data is securely stored.

From chemicals, to fertilisers, our spraying and spreading solutions are specially designed to optimise dispersing out on the field. Our innovative technology will help you generate precise prescription maps and deliver a greater return on investment and sustainability.

Our Yield Mapping technology allows you to see vital harvest data in real-time, including yield productivity and moisture data to determine if additional drying is necessary. You can also generate annual records to compare seasons and trends to fine-tune next year’s crop.

Planting seeds in the right place and having the right distribution for your soil is crucial for a successful yield and return on investment. Our precision planting solutions allow you to plant according to previous years’ experience or to data lead in-field conditions.