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Root Crops

One of the most mechanical sectors of Agriculture, technology can help realise more from the investments both in and on the ground. Our products can assist operations from field preparation and planting through to harvest and even haulage, increasing machine and operation performance along the way.

Often completing a number of operations at the same time it is common to see a lot of monitors and displays in operator cabs, sometimes limiting the view to critical areas of the machine. Using ISOBUS it is possible to bring a lot of these functions into a single display, removing the need for these controllers or independent camera monitors. Savings can be had by not specifying an implement controller upon purchase, utilise the existing Trimble display and operate implements with ease. Available for new or existing implements, simplify your operation with ISOBUS technology.

Moving soil is key in preparing ground for root crops with multiple operations influencing the end row location of the crop. Utilising Trimble implement steering can allow the machine to be on the right line regardless of ground conditions in front of it. Active steering on a destoner will control the steering axle automatically, ensuring the bed is in the right place and allowing operators to concentrate on spade depth and conveyor speeds. Keep all operations on track can often result in additional rows in the field, directly affecting the bottom line.

Field boundaries are rarely straight which makes planting a challenge with rigid equipment associated with rows. Using section control makes it possible to stop and start components independently as they approach the end of rows or merge with a headland. Utilising this on a beet drill will ensure plant populations are even throughout the field, making harvesting operations cleaner and allowing mechanical hoes to operate with less risk of crop damage.

Trimble steering solutions are compatible with most tractor manufacturers, new and old equipment including self-propelled harvesters. Having the ability to integrate with existing steering valves or retrofit a motor or hydraulic circuit, our engineers can steer machines within 2.5cm accuracy including those with crab or articulated steering functionality. Standardising your steering provider allows the sharing of boundaries and A-B lines throughout the whole operation while simplifying the process for the operators with a single operating system.

Planting and harvesting campaigns are intense operations often covering large geographic areas, coordinating people and machinery in the right place at the right time can be a challenge. Using telemetry can make this easier with location monitoring available for powered and non-powered assets. Understand trailer locations to harvesters, automate load counts to a store and locate missing equipment with ease using telemetry. Make decisions on the move using ASC Live.