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Remote Control

Being able to remove the operator from a machine can deliver huge benefits in safety, performance and utilisation, controlling equipment by remote control. Vantage ASC have worked hard to develop a solution which also allows for the Trimble display & receiver to also communicate wirelessly to 100m providing guidance solutions for remote control vehicles such as the McConnel Robocut.

Integrating to the machines steering controller our Trimble receiver can accurately steer the machine within 2.5cm pass to pass accuracy, using both straight and curved guidance patterns. Delivering machine control through a 17.8cm touchscreen display mounted to the remote control, operators can observe current guidance line, real time coverage logging and even automate end of row turns.

Benefiting from Trimble Precision IQ operating system, the GFX 350 display has a simple operator interface which allows the naming and selection of tasks when out in the field. On initiating a task the display logs start time and monitors progress throughout its duration, time stamping any start or stopping of the task. Having an accurate record of time, working area, applied product partnered with area names and boundaries can significantly reduce administration when collated in a single place.

Often working in remote teams these machines can cover large geographic areas and be away from depots for days at a time which can resulting in delayed record keeping or errors on the return of paperwork. Utilising Trimble Autosync allows the machine to wirelessly transfer information back to the depot including location, working area, operator and any boundaries or A-B Lines. On task completion information is sent to the cloud software and then housed awaiting sign off by the administrator before being backed up.

Machines connected to the internet are able to accurately plot machine location and state of work using Trimble Farmer Core & a display connection, not knowing where machines are and what they are doing can be a thing of the past. Updating every 60 seconds this feature allows operations managers and machine coordinators to understand equipment utilisation, location of assets and be on top of record keeping remotely. Detailing machine working patterns, operators and speeds can significantly reduce liability should an accident happen.

Not only can machines send information back to the office, but office managers can issue work to machines from the comfort of their own desk. Using Trimble Farmer Core it is possible to create a works order, set a number of operating parameters and wirelessly send it to the Trimble GFX 350 display using an on board modem. On receipt, operators simply select the task and all  parameters such as field, guidance line are pre-selected, leaving them to simply drive and complete the task in line with your expectations.