Agricultural Machine Connectivity | Machine Monitoring

Machine Connectivity

In a world where we become more reliant on the internet and comfortable with information being at our fingertips, connectivity between you and your machines, or between the machines themselves is increasingly normal. See how Vantage ASC can improve your efficiency by connecting machines old, new, green or blue. Or any other colour and brand for that matter.

Our partnership with Sierra Wireless and Trimble allows supply of rugged and reliable modems for vehicle use, delivering a WIFI hotspot in your vehicle or machine. With sim card options available you are able to integrate with your existing plan or customise to suit your data requirement. A WIFI portal in your vehicle allows reliable internet access for mobile devices or laptops and can bring the office to you for utilising online software, data transfer, email or video conferencing.

Those times when more than one machine is completing the same task, spreading or spraying the same field area for example. Using Trimble Vehicle Sync it is possible for both machines to be using individual displays but having each-others A-B lines or coverage logging visible. Particularly useful for machines applying product to the ground or working at night, this feature can help reduce trips to the field and over application of materials when input costs are continuing to rise.

Imagine being able to create and issue a weeks tasks ahead of getting into the yard, your operators simply selecting, then completing the tasks and it being sent back to your cloud software with all application rates and time stamp information. This is a reality using Trimble Autosync feature and in-cab displays. In addition to this the operations manager is able to set parameters such as operator, field name, A-B line and even date parameters. Connecting machines lowers the risk of human error and increases the speed of information returning which has other positive impacts through the business such as legislation and cashflow.

Remote Support

As an operator it is important to feel the expertise you need is at hand when you need it, similarly for an operations manager it is crucial that uptime is maintained, Teamviewer Remote Support can help both parties. Connecting your Trimble display to the internet allows our service technicians to not only remotely see your display, but they can navigate and control the screen as if they were with you in the machine. For operations managers, this feature can help you support your in-house operators, reducing the need for external support and keeping machines working in the field for longer.

A machine installed with a Trimble display and internet connection has the ability to report on location and machine performance every 60 seconds. Using Trimble Farmer Core this information can viewed in an online portal for owners and managers, not only to check on location, but you can see the exact route in which a machine has completed a task and its current status. Having this information to hand can help with real time decision making, it can also significantly reduce lost time associated with locating machines for breakdown or in field services. A rich reporting tool allows in depth understanding of machine activity and utilisation between specific dates, or even working hours.

The creation of feature rich maps can be a significant investment of time, establishing area names, boundaries, A-B lines and even obstacles. Utilising Trimble AutoSync it is possible for your in-cab display to wirelessly back up this information to the cloud, with little input from the operator. As fields, boundaries and tasks are completed they store and can be accessed online or by other displays in your network. Not only does it improve the speed of information in your day-to-day business, but should your equipment be stolen all maps and reference points are safely recorded.