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Machine Guidance

Vantage supplies automated machine guidance solutions to enhance the accuracy, productivity and sustainability of land cultivation. As well as saving time, machine guidance helps to boost the quality of crops and soil while driving down costs on fuel or wearing parts by reducing overlaps in cultivations. From farmers to agronomists, we’ve been helping to maximise produce and income from land-based work for over 30 years.

If you know what you want to achieve but not sure how to do it, our team of experts provide professional support to help you choose the right machine guidance for your land. To help you reap the benefits of this state-of-the-art guidance technology, our expert customer care team will not only help set-up your equipment, but can also take the time to show you how to apply the technology effectively. You will also benefit from after-sales support and training to keep you operating at your best.

With our display and receiver guidance solutions you can improve the accuracy of your steering and maximise the efficiency of your cultivation work. Our user friendly systems allow operators to steer in both straight and curved patterns, accurately establishing boundaries and areas of interest adding detail to their digital maps. From planting seeds, to spreading fertiliser or aerating your land, machine guidance is designed to keep you on track.

Guidance and mapping software allows you to point, line and area map your land using real-time data, the Trimble Catalyst is one of many solutions for this. It also provides manually-operated guidance out on the field when loaded into a Trimble display and receiver combination. From precisely planting seeds or spraying chemicals, with guidance and mapping software you can map and record every operation to help increase your yield with a little help from technology.

Automated Tractor Steering

Automated tractor steering allows you to operate with maximum precision and minimum operator fatigue. When your vehicle is veering off course, this machine guidance will automatically adjust to the correct position, no matter the field pattern or terrain type.
The EZ-Pilot Steering System is one of our motors which provides hands-free guidance for your vehicles of all types, integrated systems are also available. Designed to be used any time of day and in dusty, low visibility conditions, this clever technology uses sensors to monitor the areas you’ve already covered and those you’ve missed.

Implement guidance systems such as the Trimble TrueTracker and TrueGuide are specially designed to give high accuracy even on difficult terrains. Trimble offer both passive and activie systems chosen to suit your needs. TrueGuide works with your tractor’s autopilot system, it accurately steers the vehicle off course to keep the implement on the guidance line, create more consistent rows and minimise overlaps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Machine guidance can be fitted to any machine, from manual guidance to retrofit steering motors or hydraulic valves. The Trimble Autopilot steering system is compatible with most guidance-ready vehicles with manufacturers allowing access to their controllers, minimising the need for additional equipment. Both the TrueTracker and TrueGuide systems are compatible with most implement types, choosing the correct system for your operation is key.

Most definitely, the concept with these smaller vehicles is much the same as those we install every day. By using our in house experience we can not only steer vehicles like John Deere gators or sand spreaders, but we can also help automate their application control for features like rate and section control.

Yes, our machine guidance products are fitted with sensors and make thousands of calculations that compensate for the vehicles physical position on the ground to help minimise skips and overlaps – even in areas with rolling terrain, slopes, or rough ground we can keep you on track.