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OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturers

We understand the challenges with balancing product features, benefits and production facilities. Not only do we have a product portfolio to compliment your products, but we have the passion and expertise to help you solve problems and deliver solutions for your clients.

Using Trimble technology we have a solution to steer almost any machine or vehicle. With a SAM 200 motor it is possible to retrofit steering on to the existing steering column which offers 3 options of performance dependent on your application. If your machine has a steering valve which can take a third-party signal, we are able to integrate with this, or alternatively we can install a full hydraulic system customised to your equipment, effectively making it a guidance ready machine.

Machines delivering products down pipes are susceptible to blockages, we can offer a real time monitoring solution which can immediately alert operators of the blockage and notify of which pipe is blocked. Blockage Sensors from MC Electronica are a modular offering with both standalone terminal and ISOBUS versions available. Bring flow of seed and granular products to life using these sensors.

Being able to put the working machine in the right place is becoming more important, we can offer both active and passive implement steering systems to suit your machines. If your implement is wide and vulnerable to drift, we can offer a system which instructs the power unit to steer “off line” bringing your implement back where it should be. Alternatively we can offer active guidance which sends a signal to a steering device such as a sliding headstock or steering axle. To be able to offer a factory fit implement steering option, get in touch with us.

Understanding more machines need to seamlessly integrate, we offer Muller ECUs which can control and monitor drills, slurry applicators, sprayers and more. Why not integrate ISOBUS into your implement and open up more connectivity with the leading brands, customisable to your business and machines. We also offer harnesses and connections for vehicles delivering an end to end ISOBUS solution for you and your customers.

Relying on a head unit calibration or 1000 grain weight could be a thing of the past with our seed counting sensors. Using photocell technology you can monitor seed throughput with real time M² accuracy allowing confirmation of prescriptive rate or informed decision making to manually vary rate or calibrate implement.

Promoting a modular solution we can offer a range of terminals to both display and control your ISOBUS equipment. From the popular brands of Trimble and Muller it is possible to specify a selection of display sizes and functionality to suit your implement or vehicles layout, but also compliment its functionality.

If you are manufacturing a product which applies materials, why not increase its functionality using variable rate application controllers. We have a range of products which can vary the rate of seed, liquid and granular product as an individual application, or control up to 6 products simultaneously. Available for integration into new machines or retrofit to those already in the field we pride ourselves on being able to set equipment up for the future or application, large and small.

We have the ability to control up to 255 sections independently using Trimble displays, integrating them with your existing controllers or creating a solution from the ground up for you. Often only associated with sprayers and spreaders, we promote section control on anything with functionality including drills, potato planters, cultivators or rakes. Set yourself apart and employ section control to your machines.

With a selection of receivers available it is possible to add a reliable, accurate correction signal to your machine further aiding its accuracy. The Trimble range of receivers can deliver accuracy from <40cm to 2.5cm pass to pass with year-on-year repeatability and offer outputs such as NMEA and CAN. Compliment your equipment using our IP66 rated technology.

Operating an option structure could not be easier using our products, often designed with being future proof in mind. Our displays can be customised at installation or later using licenses and our hardware has similar functionality. Removing large investments up front can be more attractive, so let us work with you to create an offering where value can be added throughout the life of the equipment.

We pride ourselves on being able to bring a concept to reality, or deliver on solutions where others have failed. Our team have knowledge in both hydraulic and electrical engineering, access to an extensive range of machine control products and experience in delivering projects, making them a part of your extended team as and when you need them.