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Meta Trak Security

Bringing whole fleet monitoring and security to the palm of your hand, Thatcham approved tracking and immobilisers for your off highway vehicle fleet.

A security solution that suits you

Self monitoring

Location monitoring and alerts

Online portal & mobile app


24/7 Stolen vehicle support

Location monitoring and alerts

Online portal & mobile app

Thatcham Approved

Operator ID tag functionality


24/7 Stolen vehicle support

Location monitoring and alerts

Online portal & mobile app

Thatcham Approved

Operator ID tag functionality

Remote immobilisation


Want to see everything in one place, look no further

As a true retrofit solution this can be installed on all vehicles with a power source, regardless of brand or model, you have one app with the whole fleet visible. Other benefits of a retrofit solution include;

  • Devices can be added to the fleet as/ when required, grow at a pace which suits you
  • It can be removed from out going machines and transferred into the new equipment as it arrives
  • Installation can be customised to your requirements, not that of a production line. Make sure it is not traceable or easy to remove.
  • You choose the level of tracking and security, mix and match products to suit your machine type or value

Want information you can take away?

Safety, Security and Simplicity with a Thatcham Approval

Think beyond vehicle location, the information you get from a Meta Trak device can be used to improve your business performance and safety.

Location Reporting can be used to make sure machines are not using roads they should not be, or remotely assist operators who are lost or unsure of the correct destination, a common occurrence in rural locations.

Operator Recognition adds another dimension to your vehicle management, assigning a user specific tag allows you to see who was operating at various times of the day. For added safety, programme the immobiliser to only allow machine start if that tag is registered to that machine, removing the risk of unqualified operators using machines they are not trained on.

Unauthorised use alerts can deliver quick return on investment when alerting you to the use of a machine outside of a rental contract, on weekend for example. Customise when the machine is supposed to be operating and get a notification if it is started/ moved outside of these hours.

Remote immobilisation is the ultimate tool for improving the chances of recovery, you are buying more time to locate your missing asset. If you believe it to have been stolen or used unauthorised, simply disable the ignition from the app and that machine will not start on the next key turn, immediately stopping dangerous use or slowing down theft.

Geofences are an app enabled boundary you can set for the vehicle, this can be something such as a shed, grain store or field. Setting this boundary allows you to monitor entry and exit, customise alerts and report on these instances. Record entry and exit of trailers into a grain store for example or get a notification when a vehicle has entered an unauthorised area.

Wireless immobiliser, a unique feature of Meta Trak which allows location of the head unit and immobiliser to be separate with no cables, leaving nothing for the thief to trace. By concealing these elements you significantly reduce the risk of them being removed, and if one is moved out of proximity of the other, the machine will not start.

Reduce the risk of unauthorised use, increase accountability

Using RFID technology, the ID tag is recognised when in proximity of the Meta Trak telemetry device, this can be associated with an operator in the portal and the two pair throughout the period of use giving you visibility of who is operating and when.

To control who used what equipment, the same tag can be enabled to deactivate the immobiliser when in the machine’s proximity. Using the app, operation managers and owners can pre-set who is able to start the machine based on qualifications, experience or licensing.

Which device will you choose…

Hosting a variety of features from self monitoring to full immobilisation, check out which product will suit your business requirements with full support from Vantage ASC

Meta Trak Shield

A cost effective device to bring your fleet to life.

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Meta Trak S5

Thatcham approved with operator ID capabilities.

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Meta Trak S5 Deadlock

Full telemetry and immobiliser solution in one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer the device between vehicles?
Yes you can, it is a standalone system so not reliant on the equipment’s cable architecture. Install a device when the vehicle comes into your fleet, when it leaves remove it and put it on to the replacement machine. For those looking to move devices frequently, for outside contract vehicles for example. This is possible by giving the device a simple power connection, this will however compromise on security as it is not concealed within the vehicle.

Can I use more than 2 operator ID tags with the S5 system?
You can indeed, there are 2 tags supplied with the device, but you have complete flexibility to add more as they are required and they can be purchased separately. Those operating seasonal workers or shift workers can allocate a tag to every individual, or alternatively have a allocated number of tags and customise them to the operator in the portal.

Do you offer an installation service?
We do, we recommend that any of our products are installed by our qualified engineers. Not only will this ensure that your devices are concealed in the best position, but we can minimise any risk of power losses/ interference with a vehicles existing electronics.

How long does it take for you to install?
Our team would be able to install multiple units in a day. The install will vary based on the equipment cab trims as we remove these for a discreet installation. We estimate 2 an hour for Shield and S5, a little longer for the S5 Deadlock as we need to locate the immobiliser element separately within the machine.