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Seed Blockage Sensor

£140 ex. VAT

Designed to be suitable with a wide range of implement types and size, this seed blockage sensor is both accurate and easy to install. With continual measurement of flow and seed using the Photocell technology, the sensor can reliably inform operators of blocked seed pipes allowing them to immediately identify the offending coulter.

  • Continuous measurement of seed and air flow through pipe
  • Delivers visual and audible notification to operator terminal
  • Daisy chain cable architecture to accommodate machines large and small
  • Compatible with various pipe sizes using collars
  • Easy to install, transfer and remove in the event of a blockage
Compatible With

Blockage Monitoring & Counting system

    Accuracy in action

    The 3.5″ display seamlessly links with the sensors on your machine and can display all of the activity in a simple, easy to read monitor. Installing the sensors in sequence around the distribution head or across the coulters allows the operator to see exactly what sensor is having issues, saving time when having to physically inspect a blockage.

    Having the ability to connect both blockage and counting sensors into the single display, the system will scroll through the sensors and illustrate the seed amounts being distributed down the coulter in real time. Connecting the auxiliary sensors also allows a speed input of the implement and automatic triggering of the machine being in or out of work.