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At Vantage England and Wales, our smart agricultural solutions focus on optimising the efficiency of day-to-day activities to support a hassle-free experience for farmers and their service providers, including agronomists, retailers and local OEM dealers.

Our digital agriculture systems are designed to give you accurate, real-time data to enable better decisions out in the field and help you quickly respond to changing situations that could affect the overall success of your yield.

Take a look at our extensive range of solutions and products designed to make your farm easier to manage, increase yields, and save you time and money in the long-term.

Machine guidance

Technology is constantly evolving and our smart farming solutions are evolving to match the needs of modern-day farms. From using data to boost production or to improve the accuracy of your farming techniques, our machine guidance acts as a digital assistant to maximise the efficiency of your agricultural work. From planting seeds, to spreading fertiliser, to knowing when your crops need water, machine guidance is there to guide you through those all-important decisions which affect your produce.

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Farm Connectivity

Connecting you to real-time data has never been more important to ensure you’re making the best decisions for your farm. Machine connectivity allows farmers to remotely measure soil conditions, track the weather, monitor equipment and assess the health of crops, all via your computer or mobile devices. This innovative technology helps to connect you to what’s happening out on the field from the comfort of your home, office space, or even while you’re away. Accessible at all hours of the day so you don’t miss a beat, digital agricultural devices can help you accommodate for those sudden changes in climate or weather and adopt a proactive approach to farming.

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Asset Tracking

Easily track the movement of items as they change hands with our asset tracking solutions. Our tracking software allows you to complete inventories of a wide range of products. From tractors and irrigation equipment, to harvests and livestock, the asset tracking technology is essential to keep track of what’s on your site and the volumes and value of your output.

Using GPS technology, damaged or missing equipment can also be easily identified and recovered.

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Record keeping

As with any business, keeping track of the value of your produce and revenue is vital for ensuring your paperwork is in order and accurate. Accurate data and reporting means you’ll stay on the right side of the regulations and be able to implement more effective business decisions. Our user-friendly record keeping software safely and securely stores your data in one place which you can access easily from your digital devices.

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Remote Control

Our guidance solutions include a wireless communication kit between the GFX 350 display and a NAV-900 receiver, complimenting the McConnel Robocut machine with 2.5cm pass to pass accuracy and auto guide steering. Significantly reduce operator fatigue, increase productivity and stay on top of record keeping with our customer built solution.

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Implement Control

We can offer a wide range of solutions for implements including ISOBUS terminals for new or additional units. Our Serial Rate communication allows section and rate control with existing implement controllers, we can also feed a GPS position from our receivers to allow your existing controller more functionality. From integration to full systems including harnesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are carefully selected for their accuracy and high levels of precision. Trimble Ag Software will automatically detect and fix issues with GPS or sensor errors to ensure live field maps remain accurate and reliable. Trimble can also supply a satellite delivered correction service to achieve greater accuracy and productivity in the field when planting, spraying or spreading.

Our software solutions, including our Trimble products, are fully compatible with mobile and desktop. They are designed to be accessible from most devices at any time to provide a seamless land cultivation operation. Some of our Trimble products also come with an AutoSync feature meaning all your software and displays are automatically updated with changes.

Yes. As part of our dedication to offering a hassle-free customer experience, we not only supply and install precision solutions for your land cultivation, we can also show you how to use them. As part of our after-sales service our certified professionals can install, train, support and repair all of your precision agriculture equipment. We can show you how to use both our hardware and software products so you can reap the benefits of the

technology as soon as it arrives. We can also tailor our training to suit your requirements – fill out our contact form to let us know what you need.