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Trimble NAV-900 Receiver

£3,190 ex. VAT

The Trimble® NAV-900 receiver is one of the most customisable receivers on the market, catering for most vehicle types and systems. The NAV-900 truly can grow with your requirements and offers un-rivalled flexibility allowing you to get significant benefits from a single investment.

Now comes with 12 months Centerpoint RTX Fast FREE

  • Roll corrected guidance as standard
  • IP66 Rated with discreet, lightweight enclosure weighing only 1.2kg
  • Compatible with most satellite constellations improving accuracy and availability
  • Customisable to suit a wide range of steering, guidance and application requirements
  • Variety of quick release mounts available for simple & fast removal
Compatible with

Trimble GFX-350 / Trimble GFX-750 / CNH XCN-750 / CNH XCN-1050 / Muller Touch 800 / Muller Touch 1200

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Additional Details

Why choose the Trimble NAV-900 Receiver?

The Trimble NAV 900 receiver is truly customisable, perfect receiver for those who are not sure on their future requirements and want technology to grow with them. Utilising Trimble technology the receiver can access all signal types from satellite, sim card or RTK Radio services providing accuracy from <30cm to 1cm. Not only is it a lightweight and discreet receiver, but it is compatible with a wide range of steering systems, this includes retrofit steering motors, guidance ready vehicles or hydraulic steering valves. The NAV-900 can be used with quick release brackets and also has a GPS tracking functions to significantly improve chances of recovery should you suffer from theft. With the ability to store multiple vehicle profiles the NAV-900 is perfect for sharing across vehicles in the fleet, simply select the vehicle it has been positioned on and performance will be loaded, allowing you to spread the investment across the fleet.


  • Compatible with most satellite constellations increasing availability and accuracy
  • Customisable using licenses for steering and correction signal availability
  • Low profile, discreet housing with IP66 rating for long life
  • Optional GPS tracking for increased security

Machine Guidance & Steering

  • Manual guidance using Precision IQ
  • Assisted steering using a EZ Steer
  • Assisted steering using SAM-200 with EZ-Pilot/ EZ-Pilot Pro / Autopilot Motor Drive
  • Integrated vehicle steering using CAN network for autoguide ready vehicles
  • Compatible with hydraulic valves, retrofit hydraulic steering using Trimble NAV III controller
  • Can provide a GPS signal to third party devices such as tablets/ OEM displays

Compatible Accuracy

  • Correction signals
    • EGNOSS (<30cm Accuracy)
    • ViewPoint (<30cm Accuracy)
    • RangePoint RTX (<15cm Accuracy)
    • CenterPoint RTX (<2.5cm Accuracy)
    • CenterPoint RTX Fast (<2.5cm Accuracy)
    • VRS Correction Signal (<2.5cm Accuracy)
    • RTK Radio Accuracy (<2.5cm Accuracy)

Compatible Steering Systems

  • Steering Motors
    • EZ Steer
    • SAM-200 with EZ Pilot
    • SAM-200 with EZ Pilot Pro
    • SAM-200 with Autopilot Motor Drive
  • Integrated Steering/ Autoguide ready vehicles
    • CAN Autopilot steering
  • Hydraulic Steering Valves*
    • Trimble H4 steering valve
    • Selection of other retrofit valves

*Additional hardware required for hydraulic steering valves

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Additional information

Additional information


Standard, GPS Tracking enabled

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