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CAN AutoPilot to AutoPilot License

£1,149 ex. VAT

This license builds on the existing CAN Autopilot functionality, allowing the NAV-900 to also control a SAM-200 motor with Autopilot Motor Drive (APMD) performance. Great addition for NAV-900 receivers being shared across vehicles.

Compatible With

Trimble NAV 900 / CNH NAV 900


    Why choose the CAN AutoPilot – Autopilot License?

    Further increasing your NAV-900 functionality with this license allows it to be more flexible, not only controlling steering by CAN but also being able to control the SAM-200 motor, delivering Autopilot Motor Drive (APMD) on your new or existing vehicle(s). Utilising a NAV-900 across multiple vehicles can reduce the investment required in technology and benefit multiple vehicles in the fleet, bringing steering to machines which would not justify it alone, such as combines. APMD delivers CAN Autopilot functionality through the SAM-200 motor, making it a natural choice for vehicles which are not guidance ready.


    • Delivers AutoPilot Motor Drive (APMD) to SAM-200 motor
    • Engage guidance line at 90°
    • Operate steering at speeds down to 0.35kph
    • Steers vehicle in forward & reverse
    • Steering remains engaged when vehicle is stationary
    • Allows automated headland turns using NextSwath (additional license required)
    • Simple code entry via Trimble app store on display
    • Control of the integrated steering on a guidance ready machine

    Vehicle Requirements

    • Existing CAN-Autopilot license on receiver
    • SAM-200 Motor installation

    Compatible Receivers

    • Trimble NAV 900
    • CNH NAV 900

    Additional information


    Trimble NAV-900, CNH NAV-900

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