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VRA License for FMX

£905 ex. VAT

This license will enable the Variable Rate Application (VRA) functionality on the FMX display, allowing it to vary the rate and control implement sections accordingly.

Compatible With

Trimble FMX

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Additional Details

Why choose the VRA license for FMX?

Bring greater efficiency to your implements application rates using the variable rate feature offered by this license, allow the FMX display to make changes to the rate based on the vehicles position and speed, ensuring greater accuracy of materials being applied to the ground. Enabling the VRA license also allows the display to control implements based on a pre loaded prescription map, define a map ahead of the application and be assured the correct amount is being applied by the machine in the right location, confirmed by the as applied map after application.


  • Upgrades FMX display to allow Variable Rate Application (VRA)
  • Benefit from improved accuracy with application rate uniformity
  • Prescription mapping functionality to allow pre-loaded application rates
  • Enable serial rate/ TUVR communication with implement/ implement controllers
  • Simple code entry via Trimble app store on display


Implement Requirements

  • VRA functionality
  • Additional cabling for implement/ implement controller connection


Compatible Displays

  • Trimble FMX
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