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We are passionate about our industry which goes beyond supplying products, we want to encourage and help develop the talent of the future who will take up the mantle in continuing to make our industry one of the best in the world for delivering food, environment, and products for the public good.

If you are part of an education facility staff and feel that your colleagues or students would benefit from an insight into our industry be it careers, experiences or technology and how it is used in the land-based sector, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team. Vantage ASC have a diverse range of knowledge and experience in our team and welcome any opportunity to help bridge the gaps between education and industry, maybe even inspire in the process.

With more machines integrating technology and guidance, it is important that those entering the industry are familiar with the principles and operation of equipment they will be expected to operate. We are able to provide simulation units comprising of a display, receiver and steering motor for use in classroom environments. Customisable to suit your teaching principles, courses, modules or learning outcomes. From simple steering to whole farm connectivity and ISOBUS implements, let us bring the technology to you.

Those facilities with working equipment or farms, we have displays available for retrofit installation into your vehicles or on to your implements. Taking advantage of our expertise and product portfolio, we wish to help you bring your equipment up to date with today’s industry so those being taught or exposed to your facilities are getting a true representation of our industry. Technology in practice can help instruct, inform and inspire those who witness it.

As the industry moves toward capturing information and improving the flow of it between businesses, vehicles and the people within them, we feel it important to show some of the benefits and functions which comprise the Connected Farm. Using existing or new equipment it is possible for us to setup your farming operation with real or simulated data which can be used to teach principles of connectivity, from wireless task recording to remote control of the displays. Our business can help you illustrate the whole data cycle and resulting decision making process.

If you have a project or opportunity and would like to take advantage of technology as part of the process, get in touch and see if we are able to help. Our position allows us access to a host of products and solutions which can be used for education or trial work, both new and second hand equipment available for hire or purchase.