The Trimble Black Friday Sale is Here!

It’s the Trimble Black Friday Sale! Offers available From 29th November to 2nd of December 2019,  read on to find out more!

EZ Guide 250 Display

SAVE OVER £245  Sale Price – £1,150

The Trimble EZ-Guide 250 is an entry-level display system provides high-quality guidance capabilities at an entry-level price. It is ideal for farmers who desire basic precision agriculture functionality for fields that require lower-accuracy corrections.

  • Simple solution for quick and easy installation
  • 9cm bright colour display
  • Rugged design with one touch function buttons
  • 15 built in LEDs for manual guidance
  • Guidance lines and coverage maps for day-day tasks

Black Friday sale on the Trimble EZ-Guide 250

For more information and product specification on the EZ-Guide 250 click here

CFX-750 Lite Display

SAVE OVER £440  Sale Price £1,600

The Trimble CFX-750 Lite display is a fully upgradeable version of the well-established and popular CFX-750, providing you for a lower price point with an entry-level display but future proofing your investment should you want to increase your capabilities at a later date.

  • Easy to see 20.3cm colour touchscreen
  • 27 built-in LED lights
  • High performance GPS/ GNSS receivers
  • Both manual and auto guidance ready
  • Video camera input compatible

Black Friday Sale on the Trimble CFX-750 Lite

For more information and product specification on the CFX-750 Lite click here

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Only available on orders received before 04/12/2019 12:00. Offer on available whilst  stocks last.  Postage only applicable to UK mainland. Installation costs not included.  Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Vantage/Trimble offers.


Stress-free precision with new Vantage manager

Stress-free precision with new Vantage manager

Precision farming can make a difficult job far quicker and less stressful – and the latest addition to the Vantage support team can certainly testify to that.

Paul Knights – who has a long and varied career in electrical and mechanical communications – has been appointed the new area sales manager for Norfolk and Suffolk, acting as the first point of contact for farmers using Trimble precision farming technology.

“After I got the job I had a test drive using Trimble GPS on my friend’s farm in Kent,” says Mr Knights. “I hadn’t sat in a tractor for some time, but within minutes I was able to use a 9.3m roller with pinpoint precision. I rolled a 50ha field, and it looked like perfectly corrugated cardboard – and I still felt as fresh as a daisy afterwards. If I hadn’t had the precision kit I would have been a gibbering mess trying to achieve that level of accuracy by myself. It’s just phenomenal.”

Mr Knights started his career in the Army’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers corps, before later moving into telecommunications engineering. “I also worked on sheep stations in Australia and cattle farms in New Zealand – I love their ‘can-do’ attitude.”

As a project field engineer with Nokia, he was piloted in to manage the most complex and remote mobile installations in Europe. “About 70% of the sites were very rural, so I was dealing with farmers and landowners and helping to solve their problems. The countryside is my passion and I think it’s vital to communicate effectively and treat the land with respect – and I bring that professionalism with me to my new role.”

A father of three boys, living in rural Norfolk, Mr Knights knows how important it is to fit in around farmers’ busy lifestyles. “I passionately believe in building a good rapport and maintaining a high level of support for the customer. Good communication is just common courtesy.”

Having trialled the Trimble technology himself, Mr Knights is more convinced than ever about the benefits it can bring to farmers. “Farmers are wanting to save time and effort, and become more profit orientated. I’m looking forward to making a positive impact, marketing and assisting with something which I know works and is the Rolls Royce of guidance systems. That makes the job so much easier and allows your conscience to say: ‘I’ve done something good today’.”

Richard Larke, the current sales manager for East Anglia, is becoming Vantage’s Trimble Agricultural Business Software sales manager with a focus on connecting farm information to help deliver more informed decisions. He will remain the sales manager for Cambridgeshire.

Mark Griffiths, national sales manager at Vantage England and Wales, says the addition of Mr Knight to the team will help the firm to become the best in the country for providing joined-up solutions for British agriculture. “Paul comes from a strong background in telecommunications; with all equipment becoming more connected it is important for us to have expertise in this area. Paul’s roots in the rural community and his experience of coordinating projects across challenging terrain will strengthen Vantage, where delivering solutions for our customers is our number one priority.”

The Trimble Trade Up Offer Is Back!

For customers currently using the CFX-750 or FM-750 displays you can now benefit from Trimble’s ‘Trade Up’ offer.

With GFX-750, NAV-900 and EZ Pilot Pro you have the ability to store and manage multiple vehicles and implements as well as benefit from simplified field and boundary management with the new display layout!

This offer includes a GFX-750 display, NAV-900 Antenna, EZ-Pilot Pro cabling, EZ-Pilot Pro license, installation and one-hour of driver training to help you get the most out of your machine.


  • Large 10″ (25.6 cm) touch-screen display, high definition for clear reading even at night
  • Rugged, dustproof and rated to IP66, the display is built for harsh environments and can manage the roughest of fields and operators
  • A NAV-900 Antenna, single solution for all pitch and roll technology, removing the need for additional items in the cab. Simplified transfer between vehicles, spreading the technology across the farm and your vehicles (additional cabling may be required)
  • Android-based operating system, this allows customisation of the display layout and downloading of apps such as recommended rate calculators
  • Great compatibility with any ISOBUS implements, delivering real time information seamlessly including implement control, reducing the additional boxes in your cab
  • Additional feeds to support external camera inputs, keeping all your imagery on a single screen

GFX-750 & Nav-900

EZ-Pilot® Pro Guidance System

The EZ-Pilot® Pro guidance system offers high accuracy guidance in partnership with the GFX display, complimenting any machine it is part of. Just some of the benefits include

  • Seamless line recognition at an approach angle of 45º, allowing earlier engagement
  • Continued engagement when vehicle is stopped (up to 15 seconds), no more re-setting before continuing work
  • Integrated technology allows units to be moved between machines (additional cabling may be required)
Terms & conditions – Trimble Trade In offer available until 26th September 2019.  Standard install is covered at 3 hours, any additional work will be chargeable including cabling for alternative machines where the customer is interchanging the display.  Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Vantage/Trimble offers.


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Data-Driven Decisions With New Vantage Area Manager

New Vantage Area Manager - Lily Nuttall

Data-driven decisions can improve farm efficiencies significantly, and a new team member at Vantage England and Wales is set to show farmers the full benefits of precision technology.

Lily Nuttall, the firm’s new area sales manager for the South East, has considerable experience in helping farmers to benefit from data rather than simply recording it – and is looking forward to linking up her knowledge of software with evolving precision farming techniques.

“Precision farming is more cost effective – there’s reduced waste – and with the uncertainty of Brexit it is a logical move,” she says. “I’m really excited about getting to grips with different Trimble devices and how they can help individual farmers.”

Miss Nuttall grew up on a farm and studied agriculture at Plumpton College, Sussex, spending her middle year working with pedigree beef cattle, followed by a summer precision soil sampling with ACS Farm Image. Upon graduating, she secured a job at Farmplan, training and supporting farmers and agronomists using the data recording software.

“I saw the Vantage job advertised, and wanted to bring my practical knowledge and enthusiasm to the role. Trimble equipment and software is so flexible – even if you’ve got lots of different brands of machinery on your farm you can fit the Trimble system to it. Then if you sell a tractor, you can just take the hardware out and put it into the new one, it’s just so adaptable. And with complete record keeping of what you’ve done and where it makes everything so easy.”

Mark Griffiths, national sales manager at Vantage England and Wales, says Lily’s appointment will bring an important presence in a key region for the firm. “Around 10% of UK farms are found in this area, with strong potential for most crop types,” he explains.

“Lily will bring experience of data collection and analysis from a variety of equipment. Having the expertise to supply equipment correctly based on farmers’ requirements is important, and understanding how this equipment and data can be used to make informed decisions is of great value in this area of the UK.”

Vantage imports global precision experience

Farmers who are interested in utilising precision farming technologies can now learn from international best practice, following the appointment of a new area sales manager at Vantage.

Appointed distributor for Trimble agriculture, Vantage England and Wales has taken on Shropshire-based Adam Sedgwick as the new area sales manager for the Midlands and North Wales.

Bringing over 20 years of experience from across the globe, including a long stint in Australia, 47-year old Adam has spent his whole life surrounded by agriculture. “I grew up on a family arable farm, but I wasn’t interested in being an operator – what interested me was how things worked and making things work.”

After starting his working life with 10 years’ service at Caterpillar Agriculture as a sales and support engineer, Adam ventured down under to Australia to work in guidance and precision farming. “Farming is extremely different in Australia,” he says. “Obviously, it is on a much larger scale, but they are also hugely further advanced in terms of precision farming compared to us in the UK.”

He spent eight years in the country before returning to the UK in 2015 to continue his career in precision agriculture. “Working in Australia gave me a wider outlook on precision farming methods and showed me exactly what can be achieved here in the UK to make us more efficient and profitable as producers.”

Now on board with Vantage, Adam hopes to pass on some of his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion to his clients. “When you look at Trimble as a product, that is the brand that people are talking about and that is what made me want to be a part of the team.

“The company philosophy, mission and core values stood in line with where I wanted to be in the industry, and it is a great opportunity to work with passionate, skilled people.”

Cambridgeshire-based AS Communications is the first UK dealer to obtain Vantage status, offering customers a hub for precision technology and advice that works across their entire machinery fleet.  “Through Vantage we can bring a holistic approach to the concept of precision agriculture,” explains Séverine Brisset, regional sales manager at Trimble. “By integrating all the technology at work on a farm – including hardware from other brands in the market – we can link software, services, data management and the machine. It’s a big change for our customers.”

In terms of value to farmers, Adam says he hopes to instil some of his passion for precision in current and future clients. “The way I see it, to work in this side of the industry you need to have a grounded interest in it. It’s not about selling products, it’s about finding a solution to problems.

“I’m keen and passionate about what I do, and my phone is always on regardless of the problem. I like to make sure I can manage the chain of events right the way through to ensure the best service.”

Mark Griffiths, national sales manager at Vantage England and Wales says he is also delighted to have Adam on board. “Adam will be looking after one of our most diverse regions in terms of cropping and farm type, his enthusiasm toward finding solutions and realising the benefits will be well suited in the area and with us at Vantage England and Wales.

“It is an exciting time for agriculture and Adam will be an integral and valuable part of our journey to provide precision solutions.”

Grant Funding Available!

Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme (CPSG) – Round 2


RDPE Small Grant Scheme - Funding Available

On 9th July 2019 the Rural Development Programme (RDPE) for England released round two of the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme (CPSG), meaning funding is now available for a whole array of farm equipment including precision farming technology.

There is now up to 40% funding available for Trimble guidance and steering products, Trimble/ Muller variable rate control systems, Trimble Greenseeker handheld crop sensors and weather stations.

All applications need to be submitted to the RDPE before 3rd September 2019, funding is released on an approval basis with the process beginning as soon as a submission is received.  Information on the scheme can be found here:

Let Vantage help you increase your farms potential with support from this scheme.   So contact us today for further information on our products and how we can help you with the application process.

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Trimble are updating their RTX™ real-time correction streams to AES Encryption and changing to new satellite beams to provide you with the most advanced technology available, ensuring network coverage expansion for years to come.

These changes will provide you with additional data security, technology enhancements, and greater access to Trimble’s ever-expanding CenterPoint® RTX Fast network, with increased reliability and access to faster convergence times in more areas.

This means it is essential to update your firmware, unless it is the minimum version or above, and configure all Trimble RTX and Trimble xFill® compatible devices to frequency: 1545.4900 MHz / Baud Rate: 2400 bps thus ensuring no loss of Trimble RTX and Trimble xFill positioning services.

Firmware should be as indicated in the chart below or higher.  If your firmware is a lower version, please contact

Firmware Version
GFX-650 / NAV-9001.01

For instructions on how to check your firmware version and selecting the right frequency, please select your product from the following links.

Trimble RTX EA Frequency Update on TMX-2050 Precision-IQ Display –

Trimble RTX EA Frequency Update on TMX-2050 FmX+ or FmX Display –

Trimble RTX EA Frequency Update on CFX-750 Display  –

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Buy at Cereals 2019, pay later!

Vantage England and Wales Ltd is offering two 0% finance deals for those attending Cereals 2019 and wishing to buy a new Trimble system, with one of the offers being a buy now, pay later.

For example, if you buy now you pay the VAT and then nothing else for a whole seven months, with the first payment in January 2020, followed by one more payment in January 2021.  Our second finance offering allows you to spread the payments over 2 years.

The deals are designed to help customers spread the cost and provide them with the opportunity to invest in the best equipment available.

0% Finance Flyer Cereals

Finance Flyer 2019



To find out more about our finance options visit us on stand 353 at Cereals 2019.  Customers can also call us on 01480 861824 or email

Trimble Establishes Global Vantage Distribution Network

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that it is extending its distribution channel by establishing a new global network of independent distribution partners to serve the needs of the rapidly evolving precision agriculture industry. The new Vantage™ distribution network will provide growers, advisors, retailers, co-ops and local OEM dealers with precision agriculture expertise for the entire farm. Vantage partners will provide the complete Trimble precision agriculture portfolio.  As well as advise growers and their advisors on the right combination of technology-based solutions for their operation to improve farm efficiency and productivity.

MapShots and Trimble Announce New Integration with Trimble’s Connected Farm

MapShots, Inc. and Trimble (NASDAQ:  TRMB) today announced a new integration that allows all users of MapShots’ signature AgStudio® software platform to read as-applied maps and production data from Trimble’s Connected Farm™ solution. Previously, AgStudio software users could only read harvest data from the Connected Farm solution.

Now, users with current subscriptions to AgStudio software are able to communicate seamlessly with Trimble field devices and wirelessly transfer field data, as-applied maps and production data from planters, spreaders and sprayers as well as combines for harvest data. The recent integration taps into the new Trimble Connected Farm file transfer API, which provides data sharing access with the Connected Farm solution, and offers AgStudio software users more flexibility in importing data from an even wider variety of company systems.

“This integration with Trimble’s Connected Farm solution allows our customers greater access to information that streamlines production management,” said Ted Macy, vice president of operations at MapShots. “Whether it’s variable rate seeding, variable rate fertility, or managing harvest data, AgStudio software users now can import even more valuable information and make decisions based on activities carried out by Trimble guidance and steering systems.”

Trimble’s Connected Farm solution combines industry-leading hardware and software to increase efficiency and enable better decision making. Together, the two companies allow agricultural providers to better manage production data.

“The integration with MapShots AgStudio software fits into Trimble’s Connected Farm strategy to provide growers a more complete picture of their field activities while allowing them a choice of software tools to analyze data and make production decisions,” said Pierre-Andre Rebeyrat, strategic marketing director of Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “We are excited to welcome MapShots to the growing list of companies that have taken advantage of the Connected Farm file transfer API.”