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Land Mapping

Measuring parcels of land accurately or features within that land is increasingly important, doing this digitally can not only improve the accuracy but it allows the sharing of this information to be much faster. By utilizing a range of our products Vantage ASC can make it possible to map larger areas using vehicles, or measure and record specific points on foot for those hard to reach or irregular areas, find out more below.

Utilising a correction signal it is possible for your equipment to gain an accurate location on the earth, this could be a single point or multiple points, often referred to as a polygon. Trimble displays and receivers allow you to mount this technology to vehicles, seamlessly recording boundaries or points as you travel the land.

Using Trimble Farmer Core it is possible to import and export your field information, even allocate crops or zones to the fields for future reference. For more advanced mapping, Trimbles Farmer Pro software allows you to monitor and manage crop health imagery, work orders, grid or zone soil sampling workflows, grain contracts and more.

PurePixel in Farmer Pro allows you to produce vegetative index maps and compare crop health at each growing stage, not only for current crops but you can interrogate historical images to gain an insight into previous land performance or usage.

With field mapping technology, creating work zones and orders has never been easier. Trimble’s easy-to-use work orders feature assists in managing logistics, assigning tasks, tracking progress, and making quick adjustments to maximize efficiency and productivity. Work orders can be wirelessly sent from Farmer Core to vehicle displays for operators, wirelessly syncing back to the office on completion and simultaneously sharing information such as boundaries and A-B lines between other displays in the network.

Farmer Core and Farmer Pro automatically sync field data across all your Trimble displays in the network using on board Wi-Fi. This means all your guidance lines, field names, boundaries, landmarks, and operator information can be synced within minutes, without pressing a button. The AutoSync feature is all part of Trimble’s dedication to providing consistent, accurate field records while reducing resources.

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For over 30 years, we’ve nurtured our passion for agriculture, farming and the environment to deliver exceptional precision technology and equipment. We’re dedicated to optimising the efficiency and productivity of your land operations by providing advanced technology and a stellar customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Field mapping is the process of mapping land-based operations in the agricultural sector. With innovative field mapping software you can streamline this process and make decisions based on real-time data

By recording, analysing and comparing all your crop data, including crop health, you can effectively track performance and make smarter decisions.

Trimble Farmer Pro field management software is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.